The most effective method
against bed bugs and pests
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Fast Procedure

Simple and fast: DISINFECT plus eliminates bed bugs at all development stages and ensures a quick odour neutralisation.


The patented Austrian DCX-technology eliminates even highly-resistant bed bugs, their eggs and other pests – down to the smallest corner.


Thanks to its compact design, DISINFECT plus is perfectly suitable for a wide range of rooms – for flexible and mobile use.


The DCX Fluid is 100% biodegradable and gentle to materials. After decontamination, it decomposes into oxygen and water – without condensate.

DISINFECT plus – the all-in-one solution against pest

Bed bugs are a serious problem: the pests nest quickly and are difficult and persistent to get rid of. They can be found in many different areas: thereby, an optimal facility management is essential for hotels, public transport, as well as for hospitals, dormitories and airplanes. DISINFECT plus uses the innovative DCX technology, where a special spray application is conducted. In this way even highly resistant bed bugs and their long-lasting eggs are killed. At the same time, the unpleasant smell of bed bugs as well as bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated – all on a biological basis.





DISINFECT plus – the patented DCX-technology from Austria


The mobile device disinfects rooms and entire buildings fully automatic. The patented ultrasound technology produces cold dry steam that effectively destroys SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, multi-resistant germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.

1-2-3 Application against pests


With these three steps, you fight bed bugs in your premises:

1 – Consulting

Contact our team for your personal and tailored offer.

2 – Service

Our experts come to you and carry out the entire pest control.

3 – Clean

The room is free of bed bugs and their eggs as well as from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Customer opinions

Bed bugs can be found even in the best hotels. DISINFECT plus carried out the pest control quickly and discreetly. I was very impressed, that the eggs of the bed bugs were killed as well and – most importantly: that the unpleasant smell had also disappeared. Well done

Jutta Pfleger
Especially in dormitories, a lot of people are staying in common rooms very often. Thereby, bed bugs represent a serious problem unfortunately. DISINFECT plus has the best method to eliminate the unwanted pests – the rooms were also cleaned of all viruses and bacteria, which was a great side effect for us.
Sepp Buchinger
My bed and breakfast has been completely disinfected by DISINFECT plus. Thankfully I decided to do so. Everything is free of bugs and viruses now for sure – the guests can come!
Marija Petrikovits

The DCX technology of DISINFECT plus has been tested i.a. by the Robert Koch Institute and has proven its clear effectiveness.


… against SARS-CoV-2 and all other viruses, germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.


… one call and we are coming to you.


… DISINFECT plus can be used wherever there is a power socket nearby.


… DISINFECT plus is suitable for rooms and buildings of all kinds and disinfects everything down to the last corner.